Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Knit update

Hola Mi Senoritas and Senors...sorry watching Golden Girls and conversing in Italian. None of that which I stated is italian..but as close as it where was I..oh yeah.

Hello Beautiful new followers and the rest of my knitting brigade! :)

I'm so sorry I've been such a slacker on updating my blog this week. A couple of things have gone on which are beyond my control which require my full attention. I am (maybe) moving by next weekend, so this weekend has been chocked full of hassles and pains which come with any move. Although, some of them are almost to the point I don't think I WILL move, which is a whole other blog entry on its own.

However, I did manage to login (ha!) so I am leaving you with a flashback to an older blog.

October 2009: Karen Yarn

I have this lovely set of yarn via my best friend. It's called "Karen" as it reminds me so much of my stepmom in the colors. She's a fanatic about purples, teals and greens.

I absolutely love how this knits up and how delicate yet sturdy it the pattern is helpful in making it look beautiful. I can't take credit for the colors or the pattern, just the knitting of it!

If you would like to check out where I got my yarn, you can go to

For this pattern, it's from

This is one of my favorite websites as a lot of the scarf patterns are easy, yet beautiful and also easy to memorize so they are great knits in front of the tv.

I know my stepmom will love this as much as I am loving knitting it! I'm naming this particular scarf and hat set "Grapevines" as it reminds me of lattice work with climbing ivy and grapes.

Karen yarn

Karen yarn

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