Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue babycloth

Blue cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Part 3 collection of baby cloths. This is actually a very pretty light country blue, but it photographed as a gray. I'm hoping to get a new picture of this plus the 2nd one that I'm working on to make the colors show. This will be in a collection with a bib thats a blue, light blue, + this blue. I'm looking forward to starting the bib as it's my first bib project. :)

Also, because of my amazing ex sister in law, I now have an order to work on some baby hats for one of her friends. I'm really hoping she likes them so I can make a few for her. Plus I am hoping it will inspire me to start some of the more fun baby hats I've seen like the jesters and holiday hats.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nature's baby cloth #2

Baby cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

This is the larger of the 2 cloths and it's the same pattern as the Garden cloth #2, the only difference is I switched up the k,p, pattern.

It's 36 stitches. knt for 5 rows. row 6 k3, p1. Row 7 k all the way. Con't for own length of cloth.

Nature's baby cloth

Baby cloth 2, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

For baby #2, I was requested to do something very neutral with nature like colors. Thankfully, I also found this yarn in Lily sugar n cream. This pattern is similar to the Garden baby cloth in it's 35 stitches to start. I knitted for 5 rows. Row 6 k5, p5, k5, p5, k5, k5. Row 7 you will k5, then k the k and p the p until stich 30 then you will k5. Cont' this pattern until Row 12. Row 13 you will k5, k5, p5, k5, p5, k5. Row 14 You'll follow Row 7 directions. con't pattern until Row 21 then switch to pattern on Row 6. Row 22 follow row 7. On row 28 you will k all the way across until row 32, finish cloth.

I rewrote this a couple of times, hopefully it makes sense.

Garden baby cloth #2

Baby cloth 3, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

This is cloth number 2 in the garden baby series. This cloth is 46 stitches across. I started by knitting for 4 rows to make a bottom border. Row 5 is k6, p4* for the row. Row 6 is k all. Row 7 you will repeat row 5. Row 8 you will repeat row 7. Continue the pattern for the remainder of the cloth until you have the size you desire. You will have 2 columns on the outside which will make a larger border.

My favorite thing about this pattern is that it looks great as a smaller cloth or as a large dishtowel.

Garden baby cloth

Baby cloth 4, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

A closer picture of the colors.

Garden baby cloth

Baby cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

I have had oodles of babies born this year, however I actually had very little time to make gifts for most of them. Thankfully life has slowed down enough that I can actually sit down and do some serious knitting. This is baby cloth #1. The yarn is white, bright yellow and a lime green. The person whom will receive this has a garden theme going for baby, so I figured bright colors would be pertinent. Also, she LOVES handmade cloths for all the rooms in her house, so I figured this would be perfect for her and baby. Anything to make Mom's life easier is good! My next project is to try to start a big out of my bib book for her, but I need to go buy more yarn as I ran out with the cloth excitement!

I made this with Lily's Sugar N Cream. This is 35 stitches across. I knitted 2 rows then started the pattern by k5, p5 for 5 rows. You will end up with 7 blocks. Then I knitted for 5 rows and restarted block pattern. It ends with 2 rows of knitted.