Sunday, October 24, 2010

hats, hats and MORE hats

It seems as though hats are all the rage right now....I wonder why?

It could be a couple of items, one being that it's getting colder and the other being hats are back in fashion.

For some people, hats are part of the outfit, complete the ensemble with a perky, quirky yet adorable head covering which explains that person's taste, colors and preferences.  Kids are especially excited by a good looking hat as they know all of their friends will tell them their hat is 'neat', 'cute', or 'cool'. 

I know in some parts of the country they have the misfortune of not having colder weather, leaves changing, browning grass to turn into a white snowy fairyland within the next month.  However, I think it's essential for a hat or two because you never know when you'll need one or you might be able to find a lighter yet warm piece of headgear. 

Keep your eyes open and admire the knitwear you see this winter.  It may spark some inspiration for a piece you might want for yourself!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue babycloth

Blue cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Part 3 collection of baby cloths. This is actually a very pretty light country blue, but it photographed as a gray. I'm hoping to get a new picture of this plus the 2nd one that I'm working on to make the colors show. This will be in a collection with a bib thats a blue, light blue, + this blue. I'm looking forward to starting the bib as it's my first bib project. :)

Also, because of my amazing ex sister in law, I now have an order to work on some baby hats for one of her friends. I'm really hoping she likes them so I can make a few for her. Plus I am hoping it will inspire me to start some of the more fun baby hats I've seen like the jesters and holiday hats.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nature's baby cloth #2

Baby cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

This is the larger of the 2 cloths and it's the same pattern as the Garden cloth #2, the only difference is I switched up the k,p, pattern.

It's 36 stitches. knt for 5 rows. row 6 k3, p1. Row 7 k all the way. Con't for own length of cloth.

Nature's baby cloth

Baby cloth 2, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

For baby #2, I was requested to do something very neutral with nature like colors. Thankfully, I also found this yarn in Lily sugar n cream. This pattern is similar to the Garden baby cloth in it's 35 stitches to start. I knitted for 5 rows. Row 6 k5, p5, k5, p5, k5, k5. Row 7 you will k5, then k the k and p the p until stich 30 then you will k5. Cont' this pattern until Row 12. Row 13 you will k5, k5, p5, k5, p5, k5. Row 14 You'll follow Row 7 directions. con't pattern until Row 21 then switch to pattern on Row 6. Row 22 follow row 7. On row 28 you will k all the way across until row 32, finish cloth.

I rewrote this a couple of times, hopefully it makes sense.

Garden baby cloth #2

Baby cloth 3, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

This is cloth number 2 in the garden baby series. This cloth is 46 stitches across. I started by knitting for 4 rows to make a bottom border. Row 5 is k6, p4* for the row. Row 6 is k all. Row 7 you will repeat row 5. Row 8 you will repeat row 7. Continue the pattern for the remainder of the cloth until you have the size you desire. You will have 2 columns on the outside which will make a larger border.

My favorite thing about this pattern is that it looks great as a smaller cloth or as a large dishtowel.

Garden baby cloth

Baby cloth 4, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

A closer picture of the colors.

Garden baby cloth

Baby cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

I have had oodles of babies born this year, however I actually had very little time to make gifts for most of them. Thankfully life has slowed down enough that I can actually sit down and do some serious knitting. This is baby cloth #1. The yarn is white, bright yellow and a lime green. The person whom will receive this has a garden theme going for baby, so I figured bright colors would be pertinent. Also, she LOVES handmade cloths for all the rooms in her house, so I figured this would be perfect for her and baby. Anything to make Mom's life easier is good! My next project is to try to start a big out of my bib book for her, but I need to go buy more yarn as I ran out with the cloth excitement!

I made this with Lily's Sugar N Cream. This is 35 stitches across. I knitted 2 rows then started the pattern by k5, p5 for 5 rows. You will end up with 7 blocks. Then I knitted for 5 rows and restarted block pattern. It ends with 2 rows of knitted.