Monday, November 2, 2009

Cup cozy

Cup cozy, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Is this not the cutest little cup cozy? It makes you want to jump and yell "hey look at my cute soda!!"

I love love love this pattern and it's super easy to make. I also love the fact that it requires so little yarn you can use any leftover cottons you have laying around to make it seem a little more personal. I used 3 different ribbons for the corset part, but it's mate has the traditional string through all the holes. Super easy and super adorable.


Normally I would post the link to the pattern, but I don't have time so visit me on ravelry at ladycoles and it'll show up in my project book. I'll try to edit this later to get you the link.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mom shawl

Mom shawl, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Finally Finished!

Shawls are super awesome to give as gifts but they can be a time tester. I've learned a powerful lesson about starting one of these and that is make sure you make time to work on it. It took about 2 months longer than I had planned because I had it on the backburner for so long, BUT it's done now, just in time for her to not use it bc it's so stinkin' cold here.


So as a side gift, I'm making a couple more things out of some of the yarn left to sort of mix it all together to make it a happy little set. That way when she can't use the shawl, she can use the scarf, hat and mittens. Yay!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

--pulling out hair--

Can anyone think of anything more frustrating than your internet going down for NO reason whatsoever!? Of course, it had to happen the weekend I had planned to update my etsy account and now...nothing. I can barely get online to open up

What is more frustrating is that we have DSL and they said there is something wrong with our phone line. So what happened between Friday night and Saturday morning which caused a phone line to go bad?! any ideas?! bc I'm super irritated and I need to VENT.

okay I'm done.

A couple of good things happened (all of that aside). I finished my mom's shawl and a scarf for a present. The scarf is smaller than planned so I'll have to make it pretty and wearable with some buttons. yay for buttons! I had planned on posting a picture of my mom's shawl, but alas flickr is down today too. (what is the deal)

My next trick is to start a coffee cup cozie. I think they are super fun but I'm also secretly hoping to give out a couple for christmas. I've got some ideas so I need to write them down so I don't forget them.

Okay I'm going to go get some knitting in for lunch. Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Karen yarn

Karen yarn, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

picture number 2

"Karen" Yarn

Karen yarn, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

I have this lovely set of yarn via my best friend. It's called "Karen" as it reminds me so much of my stepmom in the colors. She's a fanatic about purples, teals and greens.

I absolutely love how this knits up and how delicate yet sturdy it the pattern is helpful in making it look beautiful. I can't take credit for the colors or the pattern, just the knitting of it!

If you would like to check out where I got my yarn, you can go to

For this pattern, it's from

This is one of my favorite websites as a lot of the scarf patterns are easy, yet beautiful and also easy to memorize so they are great knits in front of the tv.

I know my stepmom will love this as much as I am loving knitting it! I'm naming this particular scarf and hat set "Grapevines" as it reminds me of lattice work with climbing ivy and grapes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orders are starting!!

I'm so thrilled!! I got my first set of orders yesterday and I'm looking forward to getting them started. I'm also excited about really getting to sit down and get more projects loaded onto my site. It's been some work to get me started, but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I'm also looking forward to finding out where my next festival will be to get some more of my products out there to enjoy them as much as I loved making them.

My hubby and I worked on my new office today. It looks SO great and it feels more like my room. I love it because it really reminds me of my first apartment with all the coziness of my own home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Scarchief, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Another picture of the scarchief (sorry I'm not a model) :-P


Scarchief, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

My new scarf! I LOVE IT. I might have to make myself one of these bad boys. I used the idea, thank you European nations, which says "screw the long scarf, lets make it short". I like that idea as the tails on scarves can really get in the way. This is in a gray acrylic/alpaca mix and it's super super soft. I love it. I can't say that enough. This little beauty will be up for grabs at the festival so stop by and get it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Blanket

Pics 9/3, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

This is my 2nd baby blanket, but one of the more difficult ones I've attempted. I love the colors as they are all these sweet pastels in green, blue, yellow, pink and a white underbelly. It's 100% baby cotton so it's very soft to the touch and will be softer after I wash it too!

This lil beauty will be for sale at the festival and I'm hoping it'll be a favorite to possibly get some additional orders.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Almost there...

This time next week a couple of exciting things will be happening...

1. My best friend will be in town for a week (yes!!)
2. I will be managing a booth with my best friend, sis in law, and friend.

I am SO SO thrilled.

It's hard to believe I've only been knitting for about a year and I'm already being blessed with having the opportunity to get my name and knitting out there. I caught on really quickly to knitting so it doesn't even seem like it's been difficult.

The hardest part is getting all of my projects together to sell and also making sure I have enough projects. I keep getting worried that I won't have enough...but really how can someone complain if you sell everything??

Not this girl!

I've got a couple of ideas I need to solidify before including some fun new scarves which will be making a debut at the festival. I am so excited about the festival I can truly hardly STAND it.

I'll be adding pictures of a couple of my projects. I need to learn how which room is best to take pictures in and stuff bc some of these are really really dark. Thank goodness my bff is a photographer and can give me some pointers.

Yay for Fall Festival!!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Blog

Starting your own business is hard work. Whomever said working for yourself is the way to go had to be crazy at some point! Anyway, new website, new blog, new stuff to sell!!

I'm a 30 something knitter who just started knitting October 2008, thanks to my best friend. It's been my joy ever since then and I just love creating Christmas presents. I have yet to actually keep anything for myself so I might work on some projects for just me.

I'm doing a festival in Liberty, Mo called the Liberty Fall Festival. I'm in a booth with my sis in law and 2 friends. I'm very excited and really am just looking to get my name out there, not so much in making a whole lot of money. I hope to (someday in about 20 years) be able to do this more full time as it's extremely therapeutic, but right now I'm using knitting as my own type of therapy.

I hope to post regularly, but we'll see what all I'm able to get accomplished since I do work full time and am married w/ kids.

Thank you for stopping in to browse and enjoy the patterns posted and new pictures!!

Cole E.