Tuesday, October 20, 2009

--pulling out hair--

Can anyone think of anything more frustrating than your internet going down for NO reason whatsoever!? Of course, it had to happen the weekend I had planned to update my etsy account and now...nothing. I can barely get online to open up yahoo.com.

What is more frustrating is that we have DSL and they said there is something wrong with our phone line. So what happened between Friday night and Saturday morning which caused a phone line to go bad?! any ideas?! bc I'm super irritated and I need to VENT.

okay I'm done.

A couple of good things happened (all of that aside). I finished my mom's shawl and a scarf for a present. The scarf is smaller than planned so I'll have to make it pretty and wearable with some buttons. yay for buttons! I had planned on posting a picture of my mom's shawl, but alas flickr is down today too. (what is the deal)

My next trick is to start a coffee cup cozie. I think they are super fun but I'm also secretly hoping to give out a couple for christmas. I've got some ideas so I need to write them down so I don't forget them.

Okay I'm going to go get some knitting in for lunch. Enjoy your day!

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