Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I promise..I didn't forget

I promise, I didn't forget to blog this weekend. I had a busy weekend with the holiday on hand, so I'm going to blame it on that one. :)

I will be posting a blog tonight as I have new pics to share. yay! :)

Also, I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT to my new followers. I love new followers and I love sharing bits of my life with people.

Okay going now, because I have to go do my j.o.b.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Shawl & Lace weight project

Yesterday I started my first Shawl and Lace weight project. You have no idea how excited I am about this project. I have been jonesin' to start it since February and have made multiple attempts, however this project really does require you to be extremely comfortable with dpn's. Since I hadn't really worked with them for extended periods of time...I had to put it on hold until I became more familiar with them.

Hence, why the starting of socks became such a priority. Now, I love knitting on DPN. Who would've thunk huh?? I'm a huge fan of circulars, don't get me wrong, but now DPN is one less fear on the 'knitting bucket list'.

Anyway, here is the picture for the start. The pattern is called Vortex Shawl and it's by PisceanKnits on ravelry.com.

Vortrex Shawl

I've accomplished more on my bucket list this year than I have in the previous 2 years. So happy!! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

USPS can ....... it.

I had planned a lovely sweet blog, however I'm really upset.

I have lived in my apt for a year as of 6/1. So why am I receiving calls from my bank, insurance, company and relatives stating my mail is being returned? Also, why am I STILL receiving junk mail for people who haven't lived here for 3 years without fail?!

No answer is required. I know the answer. Because our mail system is a failure. I have known multiple people who have worked for the postal service. I'm not saying they're all incompetent...but I'd give it a good 78%.

I finally figured out the answer. Even though my name is PLAINLY labeled on the inside of my mailbox (as instructed), clearly, that is not enough. So, I took it into my own hands to be as blatant as possible and short of hanging a banner, this is what I devised:


Saturday, May 14, 2011

RJ's Barn

Hi All!

This post is a little early this week as it will probably be..well a little long. :)

First off, I am home from my amazing vacation. I had an amazing trip to Washington DC to visit my BFF. We started our vacation off with a bang by going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Then, we went to IKEA.

I love you IKEA.

I am a decorator at heart...I love decorating, however I chickened out on completing my interior design degree after I heard about drafting class. I now think, gosh how silly, and am putting it on my bucket list. I truly am terrible at measuring, so that will definitely be an interesting class...however I have jumped the track and turned around to start a new adventure on this blog. okay going back.

Anyway, so while at IKEA (insert angels singing), I was looking for gifts for my nephew, RJ. His birthday is coming up and I wasn't sure what to get him. I did get him a gift (yay!) but I also purchased this little adorable set because he has no toys to play with at his Auntie's house. I plan to purchase a couple of other things to go with it, but gosh what an adorable place to start.

Ikea barn

This is the whole set.

Ikea barn

And the little pasture folds up with storage room for the animals and accessories.

Ikea barn

Finally the whole thing closes up and there's a little velcro at the top to keep it closed.

How perfectly cute is that? The best part is that it fits perfectly on my bookshelf and within reach of his little hands.

I love being an Aunt.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Oh my lovelies :) there is a reason for the delay in blogging this week. I've been enjoying my week in Washington DC. The best part is that I got to spend a day at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I love coming to this festival and I loved it even MORE this year because I'm not such a knitting novice as to not know what to do while there.

First thing, made a list, and this helped me a lot and definitely kept me on task. I thankfully have graduated beyond simple hats, scarves, etc so it made looking for yarn so much easier. Also, I planned to buy yarn for my own projects as well as projects for others.

Second thing, I limited my cash on hand. I know this is really really hard for us to do as knitters as we usually see something we cannot live without in the perfect yarn and colors.

Third thing, I allowed myself ONE splurge. This means, it wasn't in the budget, but once I bought something with the splurge money I was done for the day. (This came really really early in my day but SO worth it.)

Fourth thing, I limited my booths. I made sure I hit the booths I absolutely had to hit and also enjoyed admiring so many beautiful knitting, crochet, spinning items I could barely contain myself. Trust me, loom and spinning wheel hit the -must learn- list. Also, if I had to wait in line it was no big deal because I knew I had planned my booth day.

Fifth thing, we had the perfect weather to make all of these things possible. If it was hot, sticky, and crowded...most of this list probably would have hit the road...like last year. ;)

Also, am posting pics of goodies bought (& won!) because I am proud that I supported handmade goods.

Crabby cup

My Splurge

Bijou Basin

My Win!!


My Goodies :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mark it down...May 1. Cooking happened.

I will fully admit to not doing much cooking as honestly, I'm only just okay at it. Like anything creative, I believe there are some people who are meant to be cooks and others who are blessed enough to be able to survive. I'm in the 2nd category.

I can dress a plate well as I'm excellent with colors and proportions, but ask me to flavor a plate and you are S*** out of luck!

Fortunately, since I can do simple things well, occasionally I get an idea.

My idea this week involved breakfast foods. I must eat breakfast every day otherwise I tend to binge eat after dinner (it's a vicious cycle). So, I normally buy little frozen or stop at popular chain to snag a sammy. This week, I am cleaning out my fridge with foods which need to go and as such, had this lil idea.

I took some ham (sister sent me home with a tub from easter), cut it up into 1/4 in slices, scrambled eggs and potatoes and voila: breakfast bowl.

Now, had I not had the ham already prepared, I would have had to make some bacon. The main point is that it took me 15 min to cook it all and package it and it cost me 3 potatoes (1 for each day) and the remainder of eggs....so for around $1.50 for all 3.


Breakfast bowl

Sunday, May 1, 2011

socks, socks, socks part 2

So last week I posted about starting socks and this week I am posting that I not only started but FINISHED my first sock. One sock in one week is pretty good I say. I am really proud of this for a couple different reasons. One of them being that I actually went found the pattern, researched the parts that I just went "Wha?" and completed it in the timeline I set myself. I know this doesn't sound like much, but for me this was a big accomplishment.

I am pretty good about starting and finishing a project as long as I can just get it done. I do lack the motivation to stick with a project if I have to research too many parts of it. This project gave me a new sense of pride and encouragement to tackle other projects which I have put off because they could be 'too much trouble.'

Drum roll please :)

First sock

First sock 2

So there it is my knitter friends. One beautiful sock in some of the most gorgeous colors I've ever seen. I now have motivation to buy LOTS more sock yarn as I see presents for all (including myself). :)

One I have both done, then I will post the matching set. Plan to have it done in time for next week's blog, especially since I have plane and airport time happening next week. Yippee!