Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Oh my lovelies :) there is a reason for the delay in blogging this week. I've been enjoying my week in Washington DC. The best part is that I got to spend a day at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I love coming to this festival and I loved it even MORE this year because I'm not such a knitting novice as to not know what to do while there.

First thing, made a list, and this helped me a lot and definitely kept me on task. I thankfully have graduated beyond simple hats, scarves, etc so it made looking for yarn so much easier. Also, I planned to buy yarn for my own projects as well as projects for others.

Second thing, I limited my cash on hand. I know this is really really hard for us to do as knitters as we usually see something we cannot live without in the perfect yarn and colors.

Third thing, I allowed myself ONE splurge. This means, it wasn't in the budget, but once I bought something with the splurge money I was done for the day. (This came really really early in my day but SO worth it.)

Fourth thing, I limited my booths. I made sure I hit the booths I absolutely had to hit and also enjoyed admiring so many beautiful knitting, crochet, spinning items I could barely contain myself. Trust me, loom and spinning wheel hit the -must learn- list. Also, if I had to wait in line it was no big deal because I knew I had planned my booth day.

Fifth thing, we had the perfect weather to make all of these things possible. If it was hot, sticky, and crowded...most of this list probably would have hit the road...like last year. ;)

Also, am posting pics of goodies bought (& won!) because I am proud that I supported handmade goods.

Crabby cup

My Splurge

Bijou Basin

My Win!!


My Goodies :)

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