Monday, May 2, 2011

Mark it down...May 1. Cooking happened.

I will fully admit to not doing much cooking as honestly, I'm only just okay at it. Like anything creative, I believe there are some people who are meant to be cooks and others who are blessed enough to be able to survive. I'm in the 2nd category.

I can dress a plate well as I'm excellent with colors and proportions, but ask me to flavor a plate and you are S*** out of luck!

Fortunately, since I can do simple things well, occasionally I get an idea.

My idea this week involved breakfast foods. I must eat breakfast every day otherwise I tend to binge eat after dinner (it's a vicious cycle). So, I normally buy little frozen or stop at popular chain to snag a sammy. This week, I am cleaning out my fridge with foods which need to go and as such, had this lil idea.

I took some ham (sister sent me home with a tub from easter), cut it up into 1/4 in slices, scrambled eggs and potatoes and voila: breakfast bowl.

Now, had I not had the ham already prepared, I would have had to make some bacon. The main point is that it took me 15 min to cook it all and package it and it cost me 3 potatoes (1 for each day) and the remainder of for around $1.50 for all 3.


Breakfast bowl

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