Sunday, October 24, 2010

hats, hats and MORE hats

It seems as though hats are all the rage right now....I wonder why?

It could be a couple of items, one being that it's getting colder and the other being hats are back in fashion.

For some people, hats are part of the outfit, complete the ensemble with a perky, quirky yet adorable head covering which explains that person's taste, colors and preferences.  Kids are especially excited by a good looking hat as they know all of their friends will tell them their hat is 'neat', 'cute', or 'cool'. 

I know in some parts of the country they have the misfortune of not having colder weather, leaves changing, browning grass to turn into a white snowy fairyland within the next month.  However, I think it's essential for a hat or two because you never know when you'll need one or you might be able to find a lighter yet warm piece of headgear. 

Keep your eyes open and admire the knitwear you see this winter.  It may spark some inspiration for a piece you might want for yourself!