Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue babycloth

Blue cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

Part 3 collection of baby cloths. This is actually a very pretty light country blue, but it photographed as a gray. I'm hoping to get a new picture of this plus the 2nd one that I'm working on to make the colors show. This will be in a collection with a bib thats a blue, light blue, + this blue. I'm looking forward to starting the bib as it's my first bib project. :)

Also, because of my amazing ex sister in law, I now have an order to work on some baby hats for one of her friends. I'm really hoping she likes them so I can make a few for her. Plus I am hoping it will inspire me to start some of the more fun baby hats I've seen like the jesters and holiday hats.

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