Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garden baby cloth

Baby cloth, originally uploaded by ladycoles.

I have had oodles of babies born this year, however I actually had very little time to make gifts for most of them. Thankfully life has slowed down enough that I can actually sit down and do some serious knitting. This is baby cloth #1. The yarn is white, bright yellow and a lime green. The person whom will receive this has a garden theme going for baby, so I figured bright colors would be pertinent. Also, she LOVES handmade cloths for all the rooms in her house, so I figured this would be perfect for her and baby. Anything to make Mom's life easier is good! My next project is to try to start a big out of my bib book for her, but I need to go buy more yarn as I ran out with the cloth excitement!

I made this with Lily's Sugar N Cream. This is 35 stitches across. I knitted 2 rows then started the pattern by k5, p5 for 5 rows. You will end up with 7 blocks. Then I knitted for 5 rows and restarted block pattern. It ends with 2 rows of knitted.

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