Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 days of Lists: day 10

My Wish List:

I constantly have a wish list. It's not a wish list in an 'oh I need this' type of wish list. It's an all encompassing wishlist and what I can do to actually make those wishes come true that are at the top. You can call it a long term goal list or whatever...I'm not picky, but this is how I like to look at my wishes.

My list is EXTREMELY long so I'm going to give you the top few.

1. Have visited at least 5 European Countries
2. Have taken a 2 week vacation which includes leaving US
3. Visit Ireland, England and Scotland in one trip
4. Visit a country to which I don't have on my list
5. Take a cruise to a foreign area (not bahamas)

My immediate wish list is not quite as grandiose (i love that word)
1. Finish my associates
2. Plan where to take my bachelor's
3. Declare a major
4. Finish my bachelor's
5. Debate on a major

A large part of me wants to jump in and decide on a huge major undertaking for school...and then there is a part of me that is like nope, go for what you really really want...bc my ultimate major would be history with a concentration in european early history. Oh to be a nerd full time!

Finally the 'I really just want it' wishlist:

1. 2 pairs of Tom's wedges, gray and red.
2. new car
3. 2nd dog
4. new ipod
5. 4 new video games (yes specific list)
6. to grab an order from
7. signature dpns

I love wish lists..can you tell?!

Peace, love and purl,


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