Saturday, July 9, 2011

30 days of Lists: day 11

Date Night Ideas:

Oh boy! The thought of dating is not anywhere near on my radar (divorce, now single, no step kids anymore, etc). However, I do like that they include self dates as an option. Why yes, I think I will take myself on a date!

The best part about a self date or a Bff date is that there aren't any rules, there's no impression to make, and you get to go somewhere you really want as opposed the 'compromise'.

So my self date, bff date list is as follows:

1. Trip to Nelson Atkins Museum w/ accompanying picnic on lawn.
2. Trip to Toy and Miniature Museum
3. Pick 5 local yarn stores within 50 miles and visit them all
4. Go on an antique/flea market spree
5. Find a park to visit for weekly dates w/ pup

what about you? do you have any favorite dates or places to go?

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