Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 days of Lists: day 8

What's in my bag:

That's just my bag baby. Really! It's just my bag. I'm getting a new bag soon. I seriously cannot WAIT to unveil it. I collaborated with my sister on it (and the help of an Amy Butler pattern) but the matching of patterns is all mine. You know I love colors/patterns right? yeah, can't wait!!

Anyway, my current bag is a black cloth messenger style with white pleather piping and white handle. Like most, it seems as though it is an extension of my entire self encompassing everything which somehow describes me.

I have my union flag zip pencil case which holds light pink lip gloss, make up brush, and eye drops. My anti bac gel-berry flavored with union flag on the front, my ipod, my smartyphone w/ rhinestone case with cherries as the design, my pink and black damask-wannabe wallet with a smiling skull on front, another tube of lip gloss in dark pink, digi camera, nail file, black pen. I also have knitting bag made by bff with vortex shawl encased within it's zippered black and white folds.

What's in your bag? do you love your bag? would you trade it for another?

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