Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happiness Hump Day

Today is normally the day I post about what made me happy today. This will be a stretch as had a rough day. I did take a nice long nap and naps are my way to reconcile any stress or anxiety happening. I feel a little better.

So my happiness things today are....

1. Sadie,my dog. She is such an amazing dog. She always knows how to make me feel good and even get me to laugh when I am grumpy. I love her more than anything.

2. Twizzlers

3. My nephew, Fboy, is such a crack up. He's totally hit the terrible 3's and I love it every second...but then I don't have to live with it. ;)

4. My friends. I seriously love my friends and there are times I know that they were brought into my life because they are SO the opposite of me and keep me grounded.

5. Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper. make me happy

I feel a little better now after that exercise too. Remember to count blessings, bc they are blessings for a reason.

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