Monday, August 1, 2011

My apologies...

I have been a terrible blogger for most of July. I wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget about you!! :)

I'll do updates this week and then also, will let you know about next projects to tackle. My sister's birthday is coming up in September and she actually already saw her present..a skein of yarn and now she's picking out what I'm to do with it over the next week, so I'm hoping to be able to post the 'before I get started pics' on Sunday.

Anyway, I hope you all have been fabulous, enjoy August, hope it's not nearly as hot there as it is here...95-100 for the last 3 weeks and looks to continue for most of this week. It'll be a small day in heaven once we are at 85 again & can't believe that I'm looking forward to it.

Have I mentioned I melt in summer? If not, then you know what I'm really doing which is mostly picking up parts of me which have fallen off. Gah!

Anyway, much peace, love and purl!


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