Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vortex Shawl...update

So, my first shawl is coming along swimmingly! I use swimmingly bc it sort of reminds me of deep dark colors of the sea...the colors you don't see until you're further down into the ocean, into the habitats, into the life and depth of something that is still unknown to most of us. Scary ahd hypnotic, yet familiar and serene, because of the amount of beauty which is immersed into you. You're forced to shut everything out, the day to day, the noises, the sounds, which make land so complicated. You look around you and realize these are living creatures which have their own status, lives, deaths, triumphs and failures...they're just as alive as we are and just as blessed but we cannot wrap our heads around this blessing because it is so different from our own...and yet so the same.

I'm sorry where was I? Oh yes, shawl.

Okay, so the shawl is about 50% done. I am totally totally in love with it and cannot be happier with my choice on the first project. I like this project because one, it is very simple pattern, easy to memorize and 2, it is forcing me to learn to make sure to pay attention to repeats, use markers and also really actually READ a pattern.

(I'm definitely a 'skimmer', you know the one's that half read everything and then go back and go 'oh what did i do wrong?' only to realize they skimmed past half the instructions.)

So, I give this shawl 2 thumbs up on beginning circular shawl options. My next task is one I'm hoping to start this week as my sister has decided on her birthday gift. woohoo! another shawl, in the works.

Shawl 50%

pattern on ravelry:

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