Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch Up!!

Hello my lovely readers!!

I did so well, reading my blogs which I love which triggered lovely thoughts into mine and caused me to rush to my computer to type. However...August proved to be much busier then I originally intended including starting back to school.

School is proving to be easier this least so far. I'm not sure why. I'd like to say it's because I'm older and wiser so things are kicking in quicker....maybe? who knows. It also could be that I know I'm only 5 classes away from actually holding a degree in my capable hands that is kicking me in the butt to finish.

Anyway, so the point is to do a brief catch up!

So the vortex shawl hit the finishing deck at the end of August. It's a beautiful shawl and I surely will be doing another circular one...I already have one marked as favorites in Ravelry. One thing I will say for SURE that I learned is to read the bind off and estimate how much yarn to save back to complete it. I had to redo the bind off 3 times and thankfully, 3rd time was a charm. Yes, I know you want pictures, but I must block it because it really is quite good at rolling itself up.

2nd is that my sister's shawl has gone exceedingly well!! The pattern I picked looked much harder then I found out as I knitted. I will say that part of it was the pattern writer. She did an amazing job. This one will be posted as well!!

Anyway, I can't write too much as I'm procrastinating what I should be working on here anyway, so I must say cheers for now, but pics will follow. :)

Piece, Love and Purl,


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