Friday, December 16, 2011

20 things to learn from your pets

I saw this really cute slideshow and thought "I must share this with my blog readers." Reason? because in reality, it is so so true.

All of us have retrained ourselves to be 'adults' and we tend to forget that as 'adults' we need to be 'ourselves'. Ourselves being defined as humans with our natural instincts intact.

One great thing about all animals is that they always remember to follow their instincts, so here's a list of tips for you. I've included the original slideshow too because who doesn't want to look at 20 slides with animals included?! Plus, it has some expansion on the basic ideas.

20 Things to learn from your Pet
1. Forget Multi-tasking.
2. Take Naps
3. Walk every day
4. Cultivate Friendships
5. Live in the Moment
6. Don’t Hold a Grudge
7. Wag (Be Grateful)
8. Maintain Curiosity
9. Be Silly
10. Get a Back Rub
11. Drink Water when you’re thirsty
12. Eat Fish
13. If you love someone, show it
14. Play
15. Enjoy the Great Outdoors
16. Make time to groom
17. Be aware of body language
18. Stretch often
19. Seek Out Shade
20. Stick to a schedule

Happy Reading! (also, glad to see they used TWO great dane pictures)

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