Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whoops! 2012 went by quickly!

So, here it is a year and some change since I last wrote. My humblest apologies. I sort of wish I had kept up to date on this as 2012 proved to be rather trying in my personal and work life, so it would've been good to see all the good happening updated here instead of remembering the bad. But, to live is to learn. 

With that, will now be doing something fun for updating posts. I will also be adding some events that happened throughout the year so I can keep last year straight. I think as life goes on and things blend together we forget all the lovely, so my goal this year is to make it as AWESOME as possible so I remember the lovely. Sounds like a good plan eh? If you follow me on Twitter (@ladycoles) then you will know that any events I go to which I find are awesome or memorable, I am hashtag-ing as #partyon2013. This way, once 2014 happens, I can go back and remember the awesome. 

My first plan for this blog is to update profile including picture. The last 2 years I have embarked on a miraculous journey to re-invent myself via body. This means being more cognizant of what I'm eating, taking up jogging (YES! JOGGING!!!) and planning to walk/run my first 5k in 2013. I'm sad that it has taken me 29+ years to appreciate what I have and blessed with and that I should learn to take care of it, but I am thankful that I figured it out earlier, instead of later. 

I will admit, I've been lucky in the amount of support via family and friends I have had to work on this journey. They've not only encouraged me verbally, but have been supportive in encouraging me to go through with my plan to complete a 5k by providing me with ones to join, etc. I love them. 

Also, I know I might receive a question on how I've done this. I will tell you the truth, good ole fashioned exercise and watching my calories. I know, shocking right? I've received the question in the past of what made me do this? Well, 'tis very simple... 

(enter dreamy flashback music) 

I made an appointment with the bariatric (weight loss) surgeon to discuss options for surgery and how to get started, next steps and how to get it approved under my medical insurance. During the meeting, he asked me what my goal weight was and I explained to him about 180-170 as this is where I've always felt most comfortable. He made a ~slight~ grimace and said "Well, we would expect you to lose more than that amount as you really should be about 140."

Excuse me? 

Now, for those of you that don't know me day to 

I canceled all my further appointments, went home and made the decision THAT DAY that I was going to change myself for myself and fuck the rest of that lot. 

(exit dreamy flashback music) 

And that is part one of the catch up'll have to tune in for the next one, to find out more. I'll also be posting before and now pictures. :) 

 Peace, love and purl, Coles

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