Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mom's Christmas Present 2012

Every year, I always contemplate if I am going to make Christmas presents and every year, I decide at the last minute I want to do so which means scramble knitting for most of November-December.  I've been fortunate in I normally get most of it done. This is the first year I actually didn't finish EVERYTHING in time but part of that is because I fell and messed up my hand pretty bad at beginning of December.  So, I learned if I am going to do Christmas knitting, I should probably start in October. (grin)

A couple of years ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool, I bought some beautiful tonal brown yarn for my mother.    I really loved this yarn and plan to buy more.  It felt like glass going through my hands and the colors are not justified in pictures.  It's Miss Babs Northumbria Fingering BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester, a breed of sheep) in this gorgeous color called Winter Forest. You can find her yarn here:

I had originally thought to make a pair of socks, but after decided this yarn is way way too beautiful and luxurious to be put into a pair of shoes.  I lucked out in finding a gorgeous and easy pattern which would show off the variations in the browns but didn't lack a lovely pattern.  Also, I was a fan of this pattern because it involves a button so it can be worn multiple ways without really trying too hard.  And, honestly, the name attracted me more than anything because it screamed "Yes! I'm great for evening knitting!" 

The pattern I chose is called Lazy Day Shawl by Mary Keenan (ravelry link:  This pattern is very very simple, easy to remember so you don't need to look at the pattern for every row and honestly, would be a great beginner shawl.  It's smaller so you don't need a ton of yarn (I didn't even use a full skein).  I could go on and on but then, I might bore you...

So, that is one project completed in 2012!  

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