Sunday, June 5, 2011

Knittin' Knittin' Knittin'...get those needles Knittin'

I have been the worst knitter ever as of late. Not only have I still not finished the socks I started in April, I have only worked on them for about maybe 30 minutes a week since my trip which ended on May 13.


I will admit, that I go through phases where I must knit 24/7/365 and then others where I'm like "ugh not tonight". It is usually influenced by the level of hot in my home and while it seemed as though spring would never show up, it's now gone to summer in 1 wk. Record level highs, ozone days, and a/c running all day long.

Have I mentioned I really can't stand summer?

However, I am still working on shawl diligently and am planning my next project to start, which I hope to be for sister or mom so I can use the beautiful yarn I bought at MDS&W. :)

We'll see how far I get!

Do you like to knit in the summer? Do you have a favorite yarn to use? Favorite projects?

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