Friday, June 3, 2011

Crafting with Coles

I promised a post and here it is...although it is different to what I had planned so it's sort of a bonus post!

I've loved art in all forms since I was itty bitty and took as many art classes as I could growing up. The thing I loved about art is that even though you were given an assignment, you could still complete it to your liking and usually get a good grade. I always thought it funny that they "graded" art. How can you grade creativity? To me that always seemed a little weird but hey, it got me out of lots of classes which I had little to no desire to take.

Totally digressing.

So as I've gotten older, I've figured out my 'strong' artistic outlets. Mine are colors and shapes. I've always loved shapes and anything with spatial reasoning...oh yeah that's my bag. (This also links back to the interior design motive previously blogged about here. The best part about this being my outlet, is that my medium doesn't have to be anything in particular. I find I'm much better at working with solidified mediums (paper, wood, yarn) and making it into a particular shape, unlike those who can work with a pliable medium (clay, paint, wax) and molding it into a shape.

This all brings me to my next point which is what I did tonight. My nephew's birthday is on Saturday and since we're blessed with craftiness in my family, my sister likes to make sure as much of it is home made as possible. <3 My task tonight was to take paper pieces and wrapping paper and make placards for words and name tags for cups. Here is what I developed: Name placards

Name Placards

Name tags for cups

Cup Name Tags

My nephew

My Nephew (yep he's adorable)

I love that my sister admired them so much and my nephew was SUPER excited about it. I told him he could have one of the placards with his name on it. He couldn't decide which one as he liked them all. He's so silly.

Do you do home made goodness for your birthday parties too?

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