Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Caps

I love a hat. I look terrible in most, but I love them because you don't really need a pattern and you can make a beautiful hat. I also love them because once you get a basic pattern you can add any stitches you want and it is all yours. They're quick to knit and people will probably wear them more than anything, except maybe socks, because they can wear them every day.

I also love baby knits. I think they're the cutest in anything handmade because they are fascinated by colors and construction and not afraid to show their admiration for the product.

Maybe I read too much into babies.

Anyway, I'm working on a set of christening caps (unisex) so I started my first one this week. They're white cotton so they're durable and warm but not too much. This one is pretty basic because I wasn't sure this was the yarn I wanted to use but it worked out nicely. I plan to do some more ornate ones with different yarn for winter.

White cap

Now I need to write down what I did for the next one. I learned the hard way the pattern and dimensions don't always stay tucked away. ha!

love, knit and purl,


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