Sunday, June 12, 2011

Princess Diana

Kansas City has had the pleasure of hosting the Princess Diana exhibit for about 4 months. I have been wanting to go since the minute it opened and with my busy life + money + coordinating date with sister, we finally managed to make it 2 days before closing (whew)

I love anything to do with British History and the monarchy in general. I distinctly remember when I found out she had been in the car accident and was stunned. I couldn't say anything and it still chokes me up to this day. It's weird how sometimes, someone's special deeds touch so many people that you can't help but admire her.


I seriously haven't spent so much time going through an exhibit. It's not like it was very long, but the amount of emotions, beautiful rememberances, home movies, music and details is something I will not soon forget. She was beautiful.

I definitely teared up in the funeral room (they had Candle in the Wind playing) and almost lost it while watching the footage of her. I ended up having to leave the room earlier than planned for fear I'd have a break down (I'm an emotional wreck right now anyway), but sister understood because she was close herself.

So, this blog is actually about this:

Princess Di Quote

They had random quotes posted on the walls which were some of her more famous ones. I saw this and I've always heard this before..but for some reason it struck a cord with me. Maybe because I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life, direction, friends, etc so it hit a little closer.

I feel as though my life has lost the direction I was planning a few years ago, however I know that I didn't really have a clear path. I still don't and I know it won't happen overnight. I do know that this will be my theme for the next few years while I try to relocate myself.

Thank You, Princess Di.


  1. Cute pic girl!
    I love Princess Di as well, I remember the day of her was so sad!!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Thank you!! (hugs)

    It's so surprising how something like that just makes a home in your mind.


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