Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st set of socks are done!!

That's right! I've finally finished the 2nd one. I had messed up the toe decrease and then lost my needle so after those 2 battles were completed...I won the war!

Sock pair

As you can clearly see...the one on the right (2nd) is not only longer but much better than first. I realized as I was knitting the 2nd sock that I think I omitted a couple of rounds or just looked way different and wore different. Who knows?

Alas, I thought I would be a sock prodigy and while I am good at it for the first time around, I'm not a prodigy. :) I would say for socks, practice does make perfect.

My next project is the laceweight shawl I'm currently working on and then I'll be starting a project for Mom with her yarn she got from MD S&W as a Mother's day gift. I had planned for Xmas but really...I couldn't wait that long. Yes, I'm THAT girl when I get a gift I want to give it right away. That's probably why I wait until the nth second to buy stuff. Right? sure.

Qustion of the week: When you join your round, do you knit it or do you have a special stitch to make it join tighter?

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