Sunday, April 24, 2011

socks, socks, socks

I think the scariest part of learning how to knit socks is the use of dpns. I'm not going to lie, it is a little daunting especially since I am a whiz with the cabled needle.

I know, I know, one can easily do socks on a cabled needle, but there is something sort of..nostalgic about using dpns. Plus I also feel it's sort of part of my knitting initiation to learn how to use them.

My BFF encouraged me to start socks last year and I started a couple of times but then put them back down after becoming discouraged with the needle issue. I also feel that this is a prime reason to pick them back up again as one of the shawl patterns I chose also requires use of dpn to start. I've tried it with the cable needles and yes...big failure. I'm starting to get to the point where dpn is becoming more of a necessity as the patterns I am wanting to work on are more difficult.

So, I have pulled my sox that rock yarn and dpns out of their hidey hole and plan to make a valiant effort to restart. Plus I would like to have enough finished so that when I learn the heel, I will be in Washington DC with my BFF and she can help me properly.

Life is good.


  1. First of all, thanks so much for the follow! Right back atcha!!
    Second, I knitted my first pair of socks last fall, and at first I totally messed up the heel, had trouble understanding the pattern...was about to put it away but tried again...and once I was on a roll, it really wasn't that hard anymore!! You can do it!
    Hope you had a Happy Easter! Hugs, Chrissy xxx

  2. My first pair on dpns and then I did a few on a circular and magic looped them, & now usually have a pair on magic loop and a pair on dpns. :)

  3. Chrissy- you're so welcome and thanks for the follow too! I had a great easter and I hope you did as well.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am def having MUCH better luck this time around and might actually have both finished before my vacation. Yes!!


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