Monday, April 11, 2011

Knit Groups

I've always wanted to join a knit group and the old biddies at the local ys are not cutting it for me.  There is one group in KCMO that I'm interested in so I may check it out next week.  I just find it sorta hard to believe that with all the knitters around (especially where I live) that there aren't any groups.  I'm thinking about starting a group close to where I live as I sorta feel silly driving 15 miles away to go knit with people.

I can knit by myself too, but since I'm still technically in 'novice' status I know there are some patterns which scare me to tackle since some of the lingo looks complicated.  I know once I hear someone say it aloud then the light bulb will shine brightly. 

The only thing with a knitting group is I will need a backup since I will be restarting school.  In case I can't show up then I feel it's only right to have someone else to be there to help people along.

Maybe one of these days I'll get the opportunity...for now I'm tackling on my own and help through the internets.

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