Sunday, April 24, 2011

25 shortcuts for more knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc

I saw this on the website. You must have a login ID for view, but the original article is here:

I can say that these are definitely cute ideas if you have munchkins running around. :)

*Use a every flush toilet bowl cleaner. Sure it makes the water blue, but you don’t have to think about it being dirty all the time.

*Have cereal for dinner once a week. Choc full of vitamins. Let everyone know ahead of time to pick their favorite cereal. Saves you oodles of prep time.

*Use paper plates for a week when you have to finish that special UFO.

*Pay your teenager to grocery shop for you. Make them spot the sales. It is a great learning experience. Saves you the shopping, packing, driving and unpacking time!

*Barter with the teen for a handknit…..he wins for sure!

*Hang those towels up and reuse them a few times. After all, you are clean when you get out of the shower.

*Invest in a dark colored kitchen floor. No one needs to know how dirty it is but you!

*Clean the kitchen on the first of the month and don’t let anyone use it AT ALL for a week. This will keep the kitchen spotless. TV dinners were meant for a reason after all.

*Invite people over if you must and close all your doors except for the room you are forced to entertain in. Make it the kitchen. See * 8.

*Serve hot dogs once in awhile. Ketchup is a vegetable….

*Hire a cleaning service……I didn’t say these were all cheap ways to gain more knit time.

*Put the dog on the treadmill while you knit next to him.

*Put the kids on the treadmill while you knit next to them.

*Put the significant other on the treadmill while you knit next to them.

*NEVER clean unless someone is home to see it and appreciate it.

*Spray the shower down with cleaner a half an hour before you get in.

*Teach your kids to do their own laundry early in life. My kids did all their laundry once I read that Martha Beck taught her child (with Downs Syndrome) to do anything he could once he was capable……

*Consider a container garden…. easier to weed.

*Soap the car up right before a thunderstorm. (yes I have actually done this!!!!!)

*Cut the grass less frequently…it discourages weeds when it is longer.

*Keep a broom handy, it is less daunting that hauling around a heavy vacuum.

*Ask people to take off their shoes in the house…. they can show off their handknit socks.

*Invest in a Furminator. You wont believe it until you use it. I’m a believer.

*Find an orthodontist that your children can walk themselves to…….you’ll swear you live in that place otherwise.

*Tell your son he needs to learn to cook if he wants to be a fireman….(don’t they all at one point?)

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